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Canada's ONLY premium Tee Shirt Quilting Company

Remember, a quilt isn't a quilt unless its Quilted.

Unlike most t-shirt quilting companies, all of the t-shirt quilts made by Quilted Memories are fully machine quilted, back to front, with premium batting. 
Check out our gallery and the Tee Shirt Quilt process below! 

The T-Shirt Quilt Process

Pick your T-Shirts

Select how many Tee Shirts you want for your quilt. The more Tee Shirts you want to use, the larger the size! See sizing details on the product page!

Choose your Fabric

Select your backing colour (and sashing colour for Premium Quilts). We offer 7 standard colours and the option to request something that isn't listed!

Send us your T-Shirts

Pack up your shirts and send them to us! We'll provide you with all the mailing details to ensure your beloved Tee Shirts get to us safe!

Receive your Quilt!

Let the magic happen. Our team at Tee Shirts Quilts Canada will transform your shirts into a custom Tee Shirt Quilt!

Choose your Style

At Tee Shirt Quilts Canada we offer you maximum customization. Choose between Basic and Premium designs, custom backing and thread colours, labels, and blocks.


Classic T-Shirt quilt. No borders or jewel stones. 
Fully machine quilted  front to back with your choice of backing fabric.


Premium T-Shirt quilt with borders and jewel stones.
Machine quilted front to back with your choice of backing and jewel stones.

Ready to get your Quilt started?

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