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A lifetime of memories can be made into a treasured comforting quilt using your deceased loved ones clothing – a living memory that gives years of comfort to family and friends.

What are memorial quilts?

Memorial Quilts are simply quilts made in memory of a loved one. Memorial quilts can incorporate clothing, photos, linens, wedding clothes, baby clothes, blankets, art, quotes… just about anything you can think of that is made of fabric or could be scanned onto a computer can be included in a memory quilt.

They are a fantastic way to hang on to the memories embedded in clothing, and to be able to enjoy those memories every day!

Best Choices of clothes to make a memorial quilt:
  • Cotton, cotton blends: button down shirts,
  • Twill or khaki pants or jeans
  • Knit fabrics, T-shirts, golf shirts (needs stabilizer)
  • Silks, satin, rayon or other fancy fabric (needs stabilizer)

Memory Quilts

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